Digital Twin

UTM and Digital Twin Technology

We ensure safe, efficient, and scalable digital airspace management infrastructure to enable your advanced air mobility & UAM needs.


We engage municipal leadership and communities and establish a dialog regarding the benefits and pathways to Commercial Low Altitude Airspace Aviation (CLAA). We are a unique conduit between a city pilot plan, commercial UAM operation, regulator groups, and smart city communities.

Vulnerability Assessment

Assessment Matrix is specific to each service category in addition to our standard operational assessments for regulatory and safety compliance such as identification of obstacles, weather, and flight path considerations. Each client receives an initial Vulnerability assessment to determine proper flight routines to provide the most effective aerial coverage and communication schema for the specified location and activity.

Business | Individual Training

We provide a professional development curriculum to enhance knowledge of situational intelligence, decision-processing, and regulatory procedures required during the planning and execution of Commercial low Altitude Operations. Core competency serves as the foundation of our learning management platform building an operator’s skill base toward requirements realistically to be assigned in operations.

UAM Operation Design

Our designs are based on our proprietary software-defined framework to map corners of the UAM flight envelope. This framework enables stackable UAM modules and integrations to ensure secure resilient data sharing. Our design mission is the effective information management from UAM sectors to NASA/FAA flight management digital information platforms for downline publishing to national airspace subscribers.

Micro-Meteorology Intelligence Technology

This is the key to unlock passengers and civilians safety for in cities and between cities drone flights. We are mastering it. UAM needs us to show more control and rigour. Our deep knowledge in computational fluid dynamics makes us ready for the challenge. We bring our aviation certtification skills to the Urbain Air Mobility world to create a proper future-ready regulatory framework with our partners to certify U-spaces. Every urban project can leverage local wind behavior, but today wind is more of an obstacle that causes distruction and discomfort in our cities. Our work at eVertiSKY wants to change this paradigm by providing the expertise to companies and engineers that work with local winds. Almost everything on earth interacts with fluids, air and wind and the way we design our new smart cities needs to leverage much better the interaction with wind.

By using a GWC (GetWindConditions) software an engineering platform that, takes care of setting and running high-resolution CFD analysis and presents to engineers application based design guidelines we are able not only to asses the wind risks in any area but also to obtain the guidlines for a more wind efficient vertiport design.