Operations Design

eVertiSKY Vertiport and Operations Center Design

Scalable vertiport design service ensuring safe, efficient and compliant operations.

Providing unparalleled situational awareness and decision support for Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) operators from one vehicle to a full fleet. At eVertiSKY we know that AAV’s are not all the same. That’s why at eVertiSKY we study the operator’s technology preferences together with the identification of the correct vertiport location based on the evaluation of a number of factors that go from distance evaluation between vertiports and vertistops based on the chosen AAV operational range combined with favourable weather analysis in order to obtain the maximum usable efficient flight time management of the drone fleet. This is a real CONOPs (concept of operations) analysis involving micrometeorology evaluation of the sites that will give our clients the necessary insight to maximize the scalability of their project. eVertiSKY will provide a document describing the characteristics of a proposed system from the viewpoint of an individual who will use that system.

Vertiports Design

Understanding challenges like weather factors, urban terraines, vertiport locations, noise and environmental impact, traffic flow and separation is not easy but necessary when planning an efficient and functional vertiport design. At eVertiSKY we follow a step by step approach.

CONOPS (Concept of Operations)

  • Operations environment analysis which includes micrometeorology evaluation and geografical site study
  • Support Infrastructure analysis
  • Vertiport design safety analysis
  • Client’s operational requirements

The results will determine the overall characteristics of our vertiport design so that we can design a vertiport keeping into account our mission of ecosustainability by utilizing recyclable materials and by integrating the latest high-tech innovations to develop a vertiport which is not only energy efficient and low carbon footprint but at the same time very beautiful.

Our design group uses advanced technologies and design software, which allow us to project and calculate different planning solutions. With the use of computer-aided design systems, we can create 3D models, prospective views and renderings, producing a full layout presentation. This offers the client all the necessary information on the project before the realization.

At eVertiSKY the main characteristics of our design are soft lines and organic shapes that clearly recall biomorphic forms. Our design is so highly futuristic and unconsciously attractive.

The Sky is The Limit!