eVertiSKY designs and develops infrastructure for new forms of sustainable urban air transportation such as air taxis and autonomous delivery drones. Its mission is to remove the largest single constraint to sustainable air mobility – ground infrastructure – In order to create a zero-emission-mobility ecosystem that will significantly cut congestion and air pollution from passenger and cargo transportation.

Thanks to the experience and technology we can leverage from our founding partners experience we can cover the whole UAM infrastructure design and integrate the various aspects in a complete and efficient design which includes not only a beautiful architectural experience for the future air taxi passengers but also the most efficient Command and Control Operations Center for UAV and AAV management.

By combining analytical flight dynamics with advanced simulation capabilities in digital twin, we deliver an enhanced level of engineering and operational analysis along with micro-meteorology intelligence to the challenges of UAS and UAM integration into the national airspace.

eVertiSKY delivers enhanced vertiport design tailor-made to fit the particularity of the drone technology provider through real-time situational awareness and decision support with its UTM and Operations Center products to manage BVLOS and EVLOS operations.


Baobab Vertiport

This is how Baobab was born, the first vertiports that integrate into nature: large technological trees on which splendid “birds” rest and feed to admire the large green parks and natural reserves from above. A real revolution in the Air Mobility sector designed by the famous architecture firm Giancarlo Zema Design Group in exclusive for eVertiSKY. Baobab stands out in the sky with a 30m high tower, with a steel and laminated wood structure, with 360° windows, refined interiors with a large waiting room, café, 200 sqm panoramic restaurant and connecting lift. On the roof terrace there are green areas with seats and three landing areas for electric drones that are recharged wirelessly from the landing pad floor, the latter consisting of special latest generation non-slip photovoltaic panels, able to generate over 300 kW and with integrated LED lights for night lighting and signage.


Hamamelis Vertiport

Hamamelis is the innovative solar-powered vertiport from which electric drone-taxis and vertical take-off aircraft depart, as “seeds” of a new way of moving, autonomous and eco-sustainable, promoted by the company Walle Mobility, the first Italian Air-Taxi service for the transport of people and goods. Designed by the architecture firm Giancarlo Zema Design Group in exclusive for eVertiSKY, it is inspired by the tapered fruit of the Hamamelis, a plant of Chinese origin capable of launching its seeds remotely to perpetuate the species. An eco-sustainable project with organic and emotional shapes with large photovoltaic surfaces, multi-function, contains within itself a series of common areas, reception, cafeteria, restaurant, exhibition spaces, surrounded by green outdoor areas, furnished with products and solutions for smart cities by Luminexence. The 80 m diameter steel and glass structure with aluminum panel cover opens upwards, protecting the landing platform for electric aircraft from the wind. The floor, with wireless charging, is made up of special latest generation non-slip photovoltaic panels, produced by the English company Solapave, capable of generating over 1.5 MW per day, which integrate inside LED plates for lighting and nocturnal signage.