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The Mobility
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It's not just about changing how you move; it's about enhancing your city journey through eco-friendly innovations and strategic urban integration, for a sustainable, interconnected Urban Air Mobility transport.





Projects currently

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Ground-Space & Airspace



Identifies sites, integrates data, evaluates UAM viability, and designs infrastructure.


Evaluates operational safety, efficiency, and community response comprehensively.


Creates digital simulations to predict UAM operational impacts and efficiencies.


Launches UAM services following rigorous testing and community engagement.

eVertiSKY delivers the foundation for Urban Air Mobility (UAM), enabling cities to adopt UAM operations  seamlessly. We provide actionable data, vertiport design, and manage airspace, ensuring our solutions meet regulatory standards and urban needs.


Our work directly impacts how cities plan for and implement UAM, positioning eVertiSKY as a critical partner in urban transportation evolution.

* NASA UTM commercial co-developer and licensee

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

For efficient CPG delivery, optimal routes and vertiport locations are determined using comprehensive urban and vertiport data. This approach enables direct, eco-friendly delivery paths, cutting down on delivery times and operational costs, significantly improving the supply chain's efficiency.

Public Safety

Enhanced public safety is achieved by facilitating quick access to real-time operational data for emergency services. This capability allows for immediate UAM vehicle rerouting for emergencies and integrates safety alerts within operational planning, ensuring swift and effective emergency response using UAM assets.

Medical/ Organ Transport

The fastest and safest routes for urgent organ or medical transports are prioritized, leveraging detailed information on vertiport logistics and current airspace conditions. This ensures that critical medical deliveries are expedited, emphasizing the importance of speed and reliability in life-saving missions.


Passenger service optimization is realized through the analysis of urban traffic patterns and vertiport capacities, offering efficient and convenient travel solutions that alleviate urban congestion. The focus on operational transparency and safety enhances passenger experiences by ensuring seamless and secure UAM travel options.